The Tuna Fishing In Venice, LA Continues To Impress!

Each day we fish seems to be better than the previous.  I am very excited to see what the Spring brings this year, but before I get to far ahead of myself I want to share with you the excellent fishing we are having now.  When the weather cooperates we are out there catching em up.  We have had our share of weather days, but as of recently we have gotten lucky with some great seas.

I always say we have the best clients in the world as we get fisherman from all over that have a passion for catching trophy fish or have never caught a trophy.  Either way, we welcome all ages and experience levels on board everyday!

In the recent trips we have been finding the tuna and boy have they big BIG!  Our 36′ Yellowfin with Triple Mercury Verados has been performing awesome. Weather the seas were flat or choppy, we have been the first ones out there usually and doing so comfortably.  By fishing everyday, I usually have a great idea of where the fish have been holding from previous trips and this has been the case the past week.  I have been taking my customers right to where we have been finding real signs of life.  From birds to sky rocketing tuna, you won’t believe your eyes when we get to the grounds.  Be ready for the strike and battle as it has been happening quick and early. Check out this pig of a tuna we boated in some flat calm seas!

What a fish and great group of guys who got to enjoy an epic day.  As we continued to follow the fish, we were staying tight on nice ones.  Fishing Venice Louisiana most of my life, everyday is different and nothing is given.  This is why I love this area so much.  You never know what mother nature is going to draw up.  Fighting trophy tuna one after another is no easy feat, but when you add a marlin and some wahoo in there, you know you have hit the jackpot.  Our group did great reeling in more tuna and finishing the day with a box full!

I still have some openings left in the near future. My advice is to call us as soon as you have the dates in mind as they go quick.  As always feel free to call or email with any questions and I’m happy to answer them when I get in from fishing.  For now, I’m rigging up and ready to back out there tomorrow and catch em up.

Tight Lines
Captain James


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