Big Tuna Offshore & Big Redfish Inshore

Take your pick! Even better, do what most of our customers do and book a back to back fishing trip where we go offshore sportfishing for trophy tuna your first day and inshore the 2nd day.  Relax in our cabin after you offshore trip and have the local restaurant at the marina cook up your fresh catch.  Get ready the next morning for a more laid back trip into the zen of the inshore waters of Venice, La. where we will look for trophy redfish.  Whatever trip you decide, the fish have been snapping!

February is probably the only month of the year where the weather is extremely unpredictable.  Unfortunately, we had to cancel several trips, but we are rescheduling most of you so please bare with us and we promise the fishing gods will repay our patience.  On the days the weather cooperates we are leaving at the crack of dawn and getting to the grounds first.  Today we had an trip with some really big tuna coming over the gunnels.  Check out this slob that put up a crazy fight.

We were one of the only boats outs and the seas were actually quite nice.  Being a full time fishing guide gives us a huge advantage over the “part-time fleet”.  Looking at my log books and fishing everyday allows me to see the patterns more often than not.  It is my job to maximize every minute you are on the boat with us.  While a full day of fishing may seem like a long time, it goes by fast so getting the most of out of your trip is always a prioirty!

Back into the inshore water of Venice, we have been getting some equally nice catches.  Reeling in a trophy redfish after fighting big tuna is pretty amazing and not many can say that they caught 2 different trophy species in the same week.  Our customers are always shocked at how hard a tuna can pull and then we they get to feel a redfish on light tackle, they are equally impressed.  Check out this slob we got this week:

I still have some dates open in February and we are starting to book up the spring season now.  Please give us a call as soon as you know your dates and lets get tight!

Tight Lines,
Captain James


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