Captain James Peters and his wife Leslie started Osprey Charters over 30 years ago. Osprey Charters is the oldest operating offshore charter business in Venice, Louisiana. Over the years, we have created countless long-lasting friendships with customers all over the world. Captain James has retired from fishing, but he and his wife still oversee and manage the business. Captain Kyle Bone, who has been a part of the Osprey family for over 12 years, has taken the helm. Kyle has always been an outstanding asset to Osprey Charters.




Captain James Peters is a highly experienced and revered captain. With well over 3,000 days on the water, he has mastered his skills in offshore fishing out of Venice, Louisiana. He has four decades of offshore fishing experience and has been in business as a full-time Venice, Louisiana, fishing guide for 30 years.

Captain James’ extensive experience in offshore fishing extends to his participation in several prestigious tournaments, such as the Billfish tournaments. These tournaments are conducted out of Port Eads and off the Gulf Coast. Captain James has won and placed in numerous Billfish tournaments and fishing rodeos over the years.

His first experience of winning happened as a child in 1980 when he caught a massive white marlin. The trophy still stands in his office to this day. His victory at the New Orleans Invitational Billfish Tournament in the 1990s, where he caught a blue marlin and secured first place, remains an unforgettable experience. These prestigious tournaments are challenging to win, and Captain James Peters has won many of these tournaments with ease. Several articles have been written about him in “Louisiana Sportsman,” “Marsh and Bayou,” and “The Times-Picayune.”


Captain James has fished many locations around the Gulf of Mexico, such as Venice, Destin, Panama City, Pensacola, Gulfport, Tampa, Orange Beach, and Biloxi. His extensive experience in offshore fishing across different terrains and waters makes him an all-rounder in offshore fishing. He can narrate many enthralling stories about his fishing experiences.




Captain Kyle “Bone” has been with Osprey Charters for over 12 years. He started as a mate and quickly proved to have a super hard work ethic. Customers expressed their admiration for how hard he worked to make sure they had a great trip. He has continually proven to us and our customers how passionate and meticulous he is when it comes to both offshore and inshore fishing. We have had many employees at Osprey over the years, and he has been with us longer than any of them because he only wants the best for our customers.


His incredible passion for offshore fishing sets Captain Kyle apart from so many other captains. Ever since he was a child, Captain Kyle has had a love for offshore fishing. He loves to share his past offshore fishing experiences with people, and many memorable moments in his career will enthrall you. Captain Kyle takes his role seriously, and his love of his job makes our charter fishing trips even more memorable.